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Anyhow I devised a means to start playing rough and dumbble games with her whenever we were indoors.

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Won't go listing all the girls I got down with cos its too childish.

But will say this, in school I was called "little angel" by most of the girls.

I got the nickname cos I was the shoulder they cried on whenever they broke up with their boyfriends. There was one that told me and I quote "my friends tell me u are better at it tha their boyfriends and I have been hoping fate will give me an opportunity to try it out".

Another one that played hard to get then in school and refused to allow me 4k her so I allowed her go.

I told my cousins to back down which they did on the gentleman agreement that I passed her back to them when I was done. The first time I touched her she slapped me and walked out of the house around 2 am thinking I would come looking for her.

She told me she just wanted to be friends and had a boyfriend but she slept in my room many nights and ate my food. I noticed she went to sleep everyday without panties and I said "wtf". I allowed her deceive herself till she returned around 4am. I just consoled myself and didnt let that dissuade me.

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I had just paid and didnt pay attention to a couple sitting at a restaurant close by until I heard my name called. She was surprised when I didn't pay for her, she later told me suspected that I was that kind of person and I thought that was where it would end but it didn't.

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