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The Provincial Judges of Pennsylvania authorized the Sheriff of Lancaster to apprehend Cresap on a charge of murder, and to take him by any means." In 1736 the sheriff of Lancaster County with 22 men, including David Priest surrounded Cresap's house and demanded he surrender. Subsequently the Pennsylvania groups set his house on fire. For a century and a quarter their ties with their land of origin were broken. ******************** On the 25th of December, 1774, Martin set out again for Powell's Valley (This is in Lee County which is in the Southwest Corner of the State of Virginia by the Cumberland Gap) with 16 or 18 men. He built his for five or six miles up the Powell from Martin's Fort on the land he had settled. The Battle of Point Pleasant prevented them from meeting. 16 - 18 - 0 16 - 26 - 3 - Richard, Alexander Boone, and William Martin 26 - 45 - 1 - Tandy Females Under 10 - 1 - Children of Richard/Caty or Tandy/Polley 10 - 16 - 0 16 - 26 - 3 - Caty Newland Priest, Lydia, and Elizabeth 26 - 45 - 1 - Polley They have one male slave under 14 and 2 female slaves under 14 5 people are engaged in agriculture ******************************* In 1836 there is a Mary Priest aged 24 (1812) born in Kentucky who is living with Harry Stratton next door to his brother Richard Stratton and William/Nancy Weddington Priest. At that time they 1ived in Kentucky in the forks of the Levisa Rivers. Read More

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