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Answer #3: Leaving an abusive relationship can be very dangerous for teen victims.

Frequently when a victim attempts to leave or does leave, the abuser will escalate their behaviors of control, threaten to kill the victim, the victim's family and friends and may threaten suicide.

It is usually after the victim has left that the abuser may commit a homicide, suicide or both.

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In Michigan, the law regarding rape and sexual assault is called the Criminal Sexual Conduct Act (CSC).

It is gender neutral and includes marital, stranger, date and acquaintance rape as well as child sexual assault.

Because of this sense of entitlement the abuser makes the choice to engage in this type of behavior.

There is a misconception that alcohol, other drugs, anger or stress cause dating violence because these factors often accompany the violence.

There are many things you can do to help your friend.

Question #8: List the ways hold abusers responsible for their abusive behavior.

It is important to note that the use of alcohol and other drugs can escalate the frequency and severity of abuse.

Some victims may use alcohol or other drugs as a way to cope with the violence they are experiencing. Answer #5: Sexual assault is forcing or coercing an individual to engage in any non-consensual sexual contact or sexual penetration.

Therefore it is important to listen to each other and to communicate in a non-threatening, respectful and fair manner when negotiating for a solution that will work for both people.

Question #7: How can you help someone who has been hurt in a dating relationship?

Answer #8: Possible responses may include: Question #9: What are some of the reasons that would make teens in some same-sex relationships feel reluctant about reporting dating violence?

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