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‘Before then there had been no doubts about my parentage.I was just obviously darker than the rest of my family.It is also her songs, inspired by a life story that is as compelling and moving as her music.

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When she was four, the family returned to Britain and shortly afterwards her parents’ marriage broke up.

It wasn’t until she was 11 that she discovered the reason for the split, when her mother, by then remarried, informed her – ‘as if she were throwing a hand grenade into my life’ – that her father was not Jim Joyce, the man who had raised her, but the family’s Pakistani cook.

There is something endearing about Sarah’s ability to talk without self-pity about the difficulties she had growing up.

At first, she was so shocked by the news of her true paternity that she was ‘too ashamed to tell anyone’, even her brothers and sisters.

It was only at the point that I realised I had everything I wanted in life that things began to change.’Her new happiness is twofold.

On the career front, things couldn’t look brighter: Burt Bacharach flew her to California to hear her sing, she performed with Elton John at the Electric Proms in October, and John Prescott loved her so much he wrote a blog about her. A little under a year ago, at a showcase event, Rumer met Sam Winwood, son of record industry legend Muff Winwood and nephew of musician Steve Winwood.

Accompanied by a chaperone, Sarah travelled to the remote mountain area her father came from and attempted to locate him, with no address – just an old photo.

‘I arrived in this hotel and went into the restaurant for a cup of tea.

At the funeral, an old friend of Margaret’s talked about what each of the eight children had meant to their mother.

‘When she came to me, she said I was: “Sarah, simply your song.” So I wrote this poem: “I was your song and you sang me/I was your song they told me/Now you are gone I lie down unsung/Crying unsung,”’ she says, through tears that have been falling since we first spoke of her mother’s illness.

She’s been a receptionist, a cleaner and worked in a coffee shop (making ‘a good half a million cappuccinos’) while waiting ten long years for her break.

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